Sunday, October 5, 2008

Off to New Orleans

UPDATE: I saw and got some pics of Brad Pitt riding his bike thru the French Quarter yesterday!! We were doing a group shoot on St. Louis Street, right off of Bourbon Street, and he rode right past me!! Here's a preview. I was THAT close to him!

I will be out of town in the Big Easy from Sunday 10/05 thru Thursday 10/09 attending the awesome Image X Workshop. I will have to little to no email and voicemail access. I promise I will get back to you promptly upon my return, with lots of pics too! It's been years since I was in the French Quarter and I can't wait to go back and attend a workshop of some amazing photographers: Jessica Claire and Chenin Boutwell (two of my idols in the photography world). Here's a video promo about it below. Have a great week!


Kelli said...

You lucky girl!

Daisy Mitchell said...

You are AMAZING! WHAT TALENT! I get goose bumps when I see your portraits. The pictures you took of the brides on the French Quarter are absolutely beautiful, especially the bride, Ariel leaning against the dark peach wall and the green shutters. You even captures the texture of the wall.

The pictures you took of Jackson Square looks like a postcard! You should try to sel them at a souvenir shop on the French Quarter. (YES!! There goes Daisy with her crazy ideas! I can't help it).

Suzie, you are are a very talented photographer. It has been a pleasure working with you! The pictures you took of the children that will be featured in one of my upcoming advertisements are stupendous!


Daisy Mitchell, ownwer of Daisy's Children's Boutique & Toy Store in Historic Downtown Winter Garden, FL.

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