Monday, October 15, 2007


I just returned home from a wonderful, relaxing vacation in the mountains of North Carolina. My aunt and uncle have a home in Flat Rock, NC (which is in Western NC near Asheville) and me & my mom went up to visit and see some Fall color. Unfortunately, because of the heat and lack of rain, the leaves are just now beginning to change so there was very little color to be seen. Bummer. Oh well, it was great to get out of the Florida heat and humidity for a few days and enjoy some breathtaking scenery. We spent a day in Highlands and Cashiers. I actually didn't take a lot of photos, which is surprising. But here are a few of ONE tree I managed to find that was starting to change.


Jennifer Hart (friend of Melissa) said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! :)

Michelle said...

One thing my family loves is going to Grandfather Mountain (NC) to see the changing of color. But this year it has been to hot and not enough rain. But you did capture some beautiful photographs - next time your in NC contact me - I love to meet up with you.

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