Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Power of Photography

As I was looking through images from the Inauguration last night, as well as last week's plane crash in New York City, it reminded me just how powerful a tool photography is. These images I saw before me on my computer screen moved me; they were filled with emotion; raw and very human. I thought to myself how important photography is and how I have always viewed it. It has always been more than a hobby to me, ever since picking up a camera at a very young age. For me, it was a way to tell a story. I would come back from family vacations as a teenager and make photo albums and scrapbooks in a way that told a story so anyone who picked it up felt as if they were there too. This is how I view every one of my photo sessions. I am there to capture moments that tell a story. To capture raw emotion and moments in time that will never come again. After losing my father to cancer 10 years ago, the photographs that I have of him are priceless and I cherish them more with every year that passes. So to me, photography is a medium that has the power to capture time, for you to hold in your hand or put in a frame. Priceless moments that you never want to forget and when you look back at them years from now you remember just how you felt that very day, or remember the look on your child's face and it lights up yours. This is what humbles me, that I have the power in my camera to do that. Here is a slideshow to music of some of yesterday's images that I thought were so moving that is appropriately titled "Looking Up". That's a great thought for every day, never stop looking up.

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Angelica D. said...

You're so right Suzie!

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