Sunday, January 4, 2009

Daisy's Children's Boutique & Toy Store

UPDATE: I blogged this back in November and the 2nd photo was used in the December 11th "Style Section" of the Orlando Sentinel by Jean Patteson!!! Here is a scanned photo of that day's paper! How exciting!!!

One place I am honored to be affiliated with, and someone who I cannot speak highly enough of, is Daisy of Daisy's Children's Boutique & Toy Store in Historic Downtown Winter Garden. Daisy is an amazing lady who has the cutest boutique and toy store that all the kids and moms love. If you haven't stopped in, you must! I stopped by her boutique on Saturday and did a few shots of two sisters and local child models, Jessica and Ashley, wearing some of Daisy's adorable outfits. Jessica and Ashley can be seen in commercials, billboards for Busch Gardens along I-4, and lots of print. They are SOO CUTE and so great to work with!!! These clothes are being featured in the Style Section of an upcoming Thursday edition of the Orlando Sentinel. I will let you all know what day it will be coming out so you can be sure to check it out!


Daisy's Children's boutique said...

Ashley and Jessica look way too CUTE! WOW! I wish I wear a KID again. I love the tights. The girls had so much fun wearing these clothes. Thank you Suzie for capturing the rich colors in this collection. Wait until you see Deux par Deux SPRING 2009 Collection. Suzie, I just enjoy your work!

Blessings, Daisy Mitchell

kelli said...

You've been tagged!

Anonymous said...
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