Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miss Olivia

I was truly honored to finally get to photograph this gorgeous little girl. Her mommy, Daisy, is someone who I am proud to call a friend and is also the owner of the fabulous boutique in Winter Garden, Daisy's Children's Boutique & Toy Store. After my first meeting with Daisy at her boutique, I have been dying to photograph her little girl. Seriously, how incredibly CUTE is she?! Thank you Daisy for being the amazing lady that you are and I can't thank you enough for letting me spend a little time with Miss Olivia and capture a few moments with her.

I just love this! Nothing as pure as a child's laughter and happy smile.


Sandra said...

Your work is absolutely amazing! i just started with photography, I found out this is what I like to do and I love to see other photographer's work. I am so amazed with your pictures! Keep on great work!

Daisy Mitchell said...

I agree with you Sandra. I love visiting Suzie's blog and seeing all of the beautiful pictures she takes of children.

Daisy Mitchell said...

The second picture of Olivia is sooooooooooooo Olivia! Thank you for taking pictures of my little girl. My entire family loves the fourth picture. I wish I were as talented as you! Thank you, Suzie.

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