Thursday, November 13, 2008

Emma, Zoey & Luke

Wow, busy holiday photo season = no time for blogging! These past few weeks have been crazy, nonstop with very little eating or sleeping! I wanted to get up a preview of two of my favorite clients, Emma & Zoey. This is the 3rd time I have photographed them and they keep getting cuter and cuter! I could photograph these girls all day because they are so freaking adorable! Like a few of my other clients, Emma & Zoey now have a little brother since the last time I photographed them....Baby Luke!! We had a blast playing in the huge weeping willow tree, as you can see below! Here's a sneak peak.

Zoey peeking at me thru the willow tree branches

Emma peeking at me thru the willow tree branches

This reminds me of a Gap or JCrew ad

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