Monday, September 22, 2008

LearnFest Workshop

UPDATE: I am back and what an amazing experience this has been! An awesome group of photographers from all over the world and I was so proud to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone that had a part in putting this on. It was extraordinary and something I won't soon forget. I made lots of new friends which made it even more memorable! Thanks everyone for an awesome week!

I will be out of the state in beautiful Bald Head Island, North Carolina from Monday, Sept. 22nd, through Friday, Sept. 26th. I will be attending the first-ever LearnFest workshop with four of the most amazing and talented child photographers in the country: Audrey Woolard; Tamara Lackey; Lena Hyde; and Laura Novak. I am truly honored to be in their presence. I hope to return fully refreshed and inspired to serve my client's needs that much better. I have never been to Bald Head Island before but it sounds amazing: no cars, you get there by ferry and get around by golf cart or bicycle. During my absence, I will not have access to email or voicemail. I promise to get back to everyone upon my return (with lots of photos!)

Amazing view from our porch

Amazing sunset from our porch

The Girls!!! I love my new friends: Kelli, Patrice, Tara & Mandy

The awesome Tamara Lackey

The awesome Audrey Woolard

One of the child models we got to shoot

the awesome house I stayed in


Pam said...

Not that they all aren't fabulous shots, but the first one....WOW!!! The colors, the texture...AMAZING!

Melissa said...

LOVE the photos!

kelli said...

Suzie! Awesome photos! I miss you, our house, our roomies and the island! My head is still spinning!

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