Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunset over Orlando

I was born and raised in Orlando and get to see downtown every single day. You truly begin to take it for granted and forget the beauty in this city. I grabbed my camera and walked around downtown right at dusk last night to photograph around the city and its ever-changing skyline. Right about 7:30pm, there was the most AMAZING sunset!!! I hurried up and ran to the top floor of a parking garage and got the sun setting on the horizon. So beautiful. I love when I just grab my camera and go shoot for myself and for fun. Me, myself and my 5D, its a beautiful thing :)

a blimp just happened to fly by!

taken out of my car window

Church Street Station

Me shooting into the window of what used to be the famous Phineas Phoggs

3 comments: said...

Isn't Florida beautiful. The colors are just so beautiful. Too bad they are only beautiful because that is pollution. Oh well it's pretty!!!

Mel said...

What a gorgeous sunset!!! I love it... and I love how you captured Church Street Station. :D

I am so excited about ImageX... I signed up for the Boutwells and Jessica Claire... but it was soo difficult because I really wanted to hear what Lena Hyde had to say as well as Joe Photo and Tamara Lackey! Ahh... too many good things to choose from. ;)

Suzanne said...

Beautiful. Stumbled across your blog and so enjoyed the pictures of Orlando. Miss my hometown!!!

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