Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kristen and Lynsey

I was honored to photograph Kristen and Lynsey at their home today and we had such a great time! I know I always say I'm honored, but I truly am. That someone would like me to capture a moment of their child's life, that will forever be remembered and treasured, really humbles me. Anyway, Kristen and Lynsey showed me their rooms, which were super cool. They changed into a few different outfits and we did some shots inside and outside. I hope the girls had as much fun as I did! When I was leaving, Kristen gave me an envelope with a hand-written note thanking me for taking their pictures and I was SO touched! That was the sweetest thing and I appreciated it so much. Here are a few that caught my eye. More to come!

Kristen's note she gave me! Is that not the sweetest thing??! I have it proudly displayed on my desk next to my computer!


Anonymous said...

Amazing work as ALWAYS!!!

Michelle said...

This is probably my favorite session that you've had. These are so great! What beautiful girls. The parents must be thrilled with these!

Matt Nicolosi said...

Love the clarity and crispness of these images. And the adorable subjects ain't bad either. [grin]

Beautiful work, Suzie.

Jamie said...

What a great session and the note, takes the cake. Great work!

Heather Houston said...

I love these pics!! You did an awesome job!!! The kids are too cute!

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