Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I've Been "Tagged"

I have been tagged by two of my fellow photographers, Michelle Robinson and Nick Haskins. This is something that's going around Photographer Blog Land right now. So here goes:

THE RULES: 1) Post these rules before you give the facts. 2) List eight random facts about yourself. 3) At the end of your post, choose (tag) someone and list their name (linking to their page). 4) Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!

8. I'm scared to death of frogs. All sizes and all shapes, doesn't matter. They terrify me.

7. I am a true Floridian. Born and raised in Orlando.

6. I had a horse when I was growing up named Big Red. He died of cancer at 22.

5. I broke my right wrist snowboarding in Breckenridge once. I've never been on another snowboard since. Love to ski though. I'll stick with 2 feet on 2 boards.

4. I'm a HUGE animal lover!

3. I'm addicted to my BlackBerry (see #1)

2. I lost my father to cancer in 1999. I miss him SO much. He loved photography and I hope I'm making him proud.

1. I'm a total gadget nerd. I have to have the latest and greatest gadgets as soon as they hit the shelves!!! I cannot begin to tell you how nuts I'm going that I DON'T have the iPhone because I'm with T-Mobile and not AT&T. UGH. But I have already ordered the iPod Touch for its arrival on September 28th though!!!!

So now I'm tagging some of my friends:
Lori Barbely
Matt Nicolosi
Pam Stepka
Heather Houston
Nataly Lemus
Samantha Uphold


Matt Nicolosi said...

Huh... haven't played tag in about 20 years. I like this version much better since there's no running, chasing or general physical effort of any kind required.

Have a good one, Suzie.

Heather Houston said...

Oh no! I am going to have to figure out something to write!

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